Friday 10 October 2014

2014 Adventures in Repacks: Part 57.2: Stadium Club at the Flea Market - Team Bag #1

As I wrote yesterday, in addition to the hockey repack, I also grabbed some team bags that were filled with cards from the recent Stadium Club release. I was originally going to group them as one post, but loved the photo choices so much, I figured each was worthy of their own post.
Of the 6 visible cards spread over the team bags, this was the only Mets card visible. So, I had to grab this one. While it isn't the most spectacular photo choice by far in the set, it is a nice look at how beautiful the full bleed photos are, and how clear they are as well. You can almost see every individual blade of grass.
There are lots of horizontal shots in this set as well, and those also allow the stadium to be featured as part of the card. The ball almost vanishes into the sea of people in the background.
And here's the same theme.
Even older photos really look spectacular in this set.
Nice to see Jeff Bagwell starting to make appearances in these type of sets. It is also great to see the photo chosen is from his early with the team.
It isn't the stadium trying to steal the spotlight here, but the Yankees dugout behind Myers.
We really need more overhead shots for pitchers. Especially where one can see the team logo in the dirt, the rosin bag, and the edge of the grass. Maybe if there were a little more shadow, this could be even better. But that is really picking a nit.
Another great classic photo that really looks like something that could have been snapped earlier this season. I love the shadows off the mesh.
Another great shot where everything pops beautifully. The bat whipping around. The intense focus on the ball. What a beautiful base set this is. Once more base cards start showing up on COMC and I can select specific cards based on their images, I'll probably pick up even more.
These two were probably the most generic photo choices in this particular repack.
Real Red Sox jersey or Photoshop?
And now we are back into the amazing photo choice portion of this repack. I'm guessing this is an opening day photo, and it gives the vibe of the entrances one sees during football games. Or hockey games, as two cards with a similar look to them also made my Top 50 Ottawa Senators cards list, landing at 40 and 39.
And a great way to finish off this repack.


  1. looks like a great set - i'm glad topps brought it back. i don't have any yet, but i've seen the duke snider and jackie robinson cards - awesome!

  2. Awesome stuff, I believe that's the first Cespedes that features him with Boston. I've got my eye out for a Sox team set...

  3. I will probably open this stuff as soon as their is another price drop. That Clemente is sweet!

  4. Lucky! I can't wait to get my hands on some of this year's Stadium Club.

  5. I've been thinking about grabbing a base set of this. The photography is pretty good.

  6. Wow. Very weird seeing Yoenis in a Red Sox uniform. As an A's fan, I don't like it :(

  7. Yes, that Adam Jones photo was taken during the Opening Day ceremonies. They introduce each Oriole as they run in from the outfield on an orange carpet. It's pretty cool on TV, it must be awesome in person.