Monday 27 October 2014

Just One Pack...of 2014 Topps Valor

A really wanted this for only one thing - to add one of the packs to my 2/14 collection. To my knowledge, none of the 2/14 binder have been featured by themselves on the packs prior to this. I know Jim Kelly was on a box of Skybox football in 1992, but can't remember if he was on the actual packs.
But at least with this, I have my first actual pack of cards in the collection. I don't know if I should count this as part of my Clowney collection or not.

And the first card out is a rookie for the Texans!
But not the one I wanted. Still, these are really nice looking cards.Of a lot of recent sets with the original background removed from the photo and replaced, these might even be my favourites. I'll certainly make an effort to at least hunt down the Buffalo Bills and the 2/14 guys from this set.
No hits among the 6 cards in the pack. The closest being this T.Y. Hilton out of /399.
And the rest! I really love the colours on the Reggie Bush card. While all the parallels make it very doubtful I'd build the set, the PC stuff will definitely be chase cards for me.

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  1. Savage played pretty well for Pitt, so hopefully he gets a chance in the pros. You'd think some intern at Topps just got their first copy of photoshop with how many different effects they cram onto each card. What I wouldn't do for some nice color photography...