Monday 20 October 2014

2014 Adventures in Repacks: Part 59.2 Another 10 pack repack

So, after this morning, these are the packs that were left:

1992 Stadium Club
2003 Flair
2013 Archives
2013 Heritage
2013 GQ

I'm most interested in the first two, seeing as I never busted Flair, and have zero memories of Stadium Club from 1992.

Let's start with the Stad. Club.
And that isn't the best start one could ask for. Dupes in the same pack always sucks. The upside is that theis Kevin Bass was the only example of dupes in this pack.
I didn't really think that there would be that many posed photos in this pack. But, then again, it had been 20+ years since I last busted this stuff. Still, the spring training look of all these photos does take me back to the cards where spring training shots were the norm.
But once you got back to the in-game photos, there were some nice one. The Wally Joyner is a beautiful card, and you can see the Wrigley ivy behind Martinez. Not a bad pack at all from the junk wax era (usually in these, it is a pack of Donruss from 88 or 90).
I never busted any of this stuff, although I have found base cards from this in repacks. Getting cards for both my Jays and my Mets team collections out of a 5 card pack is definitely beating the odds. The design makes the cards look pretty nice when put side by side.
And now, the 2013 products. GQ brings a  couple interesting cards to my PC. Since the Verlander card references the no-hitter I saw in Toronto, that's a really great addition.The Glove Stories are also great cards for the interesting photo portion of my collection. The Cargo mini was added late to a care package I sent the way of Condition Sensitive. Since I can't just send football cards.
Heritage. I like the spring training photo for Ruiz. And another Mets card appearing. Pretty much what I expected.
And pretty much what I expected from Archives. I bult the set, but not the inserts, so I did need the Posey. Other than that, more stuff for my Zistle trade lists. Which I should get updated. Eventually.

So. When the highlight of a repack is a pack of junk wax era Stadium Club and a die-cut of Jackie Robinson, it really wasn't that spectacular. Tomorrow, I'll bust some more new stuff and show off either Hoops or Update, depending on what I can find at the LCS.

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