Wednesday 1 October 2014

COMC Challenge Cards Part 51 - Answering an eternal basketball question

Namely, what is a Knick anyhow?
Apparently, that fellow in the upper right corner was a Knick. Or a Knickerbocker. Whatever, it is a nice addition to my collection that benefits from Panini's usage of historically accurate logos to match the era the photo was taken. For someone in his mid 80s at the time of this autographing of the sticker, that's some mighty fine penmanship. Harry's a Hall of Famer, and the back of the card mentions how he'd battle for rebounds in the days before that was even an official stat.

And continuing with the old logos theme:
Here's the Rochester Royals.
And here you have the Syracuse Nationals.
And although there is no logo here, this still brings some awesome on the cardboard. The high school gym like setting with the team name on the seafoam green painted walls. The afros. The plaid pants. The sleazy 70s mustache. The "Could you please put your knees a little closer together?" shorts.

On second thought, maybe it was good there wasn't a logo on the card. I don't think I could handle something that overwhelmingly great.

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  1. I'm not a basketball guy per se, but every one of those is freakin awesome! I'm starting to think I just like cards of old time players/teams/logos regardless of sport.