Tuesday 15 April 2014

Not quite dime-box goodies - Part 13

Let's wrap this 12 for $1 box up, so I can return to more important things like repacks and non-set-building trade packages.
I'm certain there are enough 1991 Score cards in existence to wallpaper every room in the country, and then some. Still, this one was my favourite from this massive set (Bo Breaker is overrated), and it is nice to have one right where it belongs - in my awesome photo binder.  A pair of Wolverines alums probably guarantees that Too Many Manninghams has several hundred of these.
Let's keep going  with a neat looking double play card. gcrl would also call this a Tatooine card. It's even moreso with the choice of borders Score used with this issue.
And one deserves another. I can't get enough appearances of ArrĂȘt-Court on cards.
Lets' stay with the 90s, and this trio from 1997 Topps. I miss when season highlights included a description of the event on the back of the card as opposed to a checklist.
I had never even heard of the bizarre Topps Fusion set until pulling a couple from the box. One I sent off. Check the date to get  the idea that this was long ago purchase. But, here's what looks to be another pitcher on the basepaths card.
And the last card from the box that I highlight - this CanCon card.

Whew. It sure took me long enough to get through this. The fact there weren't any shows I was able to get to in February and March made things a lot less damning of my procrastination.

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