Tuesday 8 April 2014

Not quite dime-box goodies - Part 10

Meet the Mets! Namely, some of the ones I picked up from the 12 for a dollar bin.
Another one of these "How did I not have this card?" moments. A Met. A Diamond King. I had to have had this one in my Mets binder. But, since it was 8 cents, I could take the risk. It turns out I did, but I didn't. I had the Donruss, but this one was the Leaf card. Long live the lanceur!
And here are some more bilingual cards! Lanceur! Voltigeur! These are my first 1994 O-Pee-Chee cards in my collection.
It is always hard for me to pass on any Heritage base.
This card was the most disappointing addition to my collection. Close up, and looking directly towards Nomo from home plate, his wind-up seems far less spectacular.
And to wrap it up, here's Todd Hundley. I'll confess to being out of the loop as to what HR record Hundley broke. It was the record for most home runs by a catcher is a season. Todd's time at the top of the leader board lasted only a handful of seasons, as Javy Lopez passed him by 1 in 2003.

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