Friday 18 April 2014

2014 Adventures in Repacks: Part 24

And now, the second football repack I picked up. 3 packs and a hit. The packs were 2011 Topps, 2011 UD and 2008 SP Authentic.

I'll open with the packs, and wrap up with the hit. It wasn't a bad one, and the player is newsworthy!

2011 Topps
Deion Branch - What a photographic start to the pack! It is never too cold for football. And as someone who has frozen himself at Grey Cups in Regina and Winnipeg, it makes the live experience even more incredible.
Champ Bailey
Carlos Dunlap
Alex Green
Jabaal Sheard
Stephen Paea - This might be the derpiest football rookie card ever.
CJ Spiller - 1950 Bowman - WOO-HOO! A Bills card! And on interesting insert too!
Jacksonville Jaguars Team
Antonio Brown
BJ Raji - Trying to contain 337 pounds of DT. I'd commit a holding penalty too.
Carson Palmer
CJ Spiller - And I equal the Bills content in 10 packs with 1 pack.

2008 SP

Carson Palmer
Jason Campbell
Devin Hester - Pro Bowl Performers - The closest thing to a card worth scanning in a boring pack.
Willie Parker
Brian Dawkins

Bernie Kosar
Aaron Williams - I guess this technically is a Bills card.
Jerry Rice - Class of 1984
Jerry Rice - It's a Rice hot pack!
Billy Sims - You'd think having to dip into the archives for photos might make for dull photos, but this one sure isn't.

And the hit:
I said the player was newsworthy. I didn't say it was for a good reason, other than creating chances for Stevie Johnson to take stupid penalties. On the plus side, it is /99, and it is also a red relic - one not really seen too often on Giants cards.

Always look on the bright side of hits!

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