Thursday 10 April 2014

Just 2 Packs of 2014 Gypsy Queen

I guess I could have posted the second part of the repack, but something new and shiny was on the shelves at the LCS, and I'd be a bad card guy if I didn't sample it. Just a sample, since I'm a Heritage guy this year.

Plus, when you make a 1:157 pull from one of the packs, it is worth sharing.

Pack 1:

My first GQ card of 2014 is:

Michael Wacha
Wilmer Flores - Mets content on my second card. WOO-HOO!
Robinson Cano - Long live Photoshop!
Whitey Ford
Bryce Harper - N174 insert.
Matt Harvey - Not only another Mets card, this Met is from the SP portion of the set, and he's wearing an alternate Los Mets uniform. Beautiful!
Ozzie Smith Mini
Tim Hudson
Hisashi Iwakuma
Kyle Seager - And here are the backs. Pretty typical GQ.

That's a really nice first pack, expecially if you fall into the category of a Mets, Cardinals or Mariners fan. Fortunately, I fall into the category of the former.

Pack 2:

Nolan Arenado - Decent enough start here.
Justin Verlander
Patrick Corbin
Adam Wainwright
Jorge Posada /49 Red Parallel Auto - WOW! A parallel of someone who really doesn't have too many on-card autos out there. And despite it being a Yankee, and I being a fan of the Jays and Mets, Posada was always someone who I really couldn't muster a lot of venom towards. It's always nice to pull a very likely keeper card from a pack. Yankee fans, I can be had, but this one will need some significant goodies in return. Especially since the cheapest one on ebay is $163.78 CDN. Although mine had a slight ding in lower left corner, that's a minor complaint about a cool card and auto.

And yes, I do need to clean my scanner.

Don Mattingly
Jon Lackey Mini
David Murphy - Another Met! Man, these 2 packs were really New York intensive. 3 Mets and 3 Yankees out of 20 cards.
Shane Victorino
Ryan Wheeler

There was some nice stuff here, but after the Posada pull, they were dwarfed by it. It is a shame, since that Harvey was a really nice addition to my Mets collection.


  1. Oh my goodness, that Posada is incredible. I wish I had something to offer for that but I unfortunately don't. Sweet pull nonetheless though.

  2. Great pull! Nice group of Cards' cards.

  3. Great score on the Jorge! I'm not really a GQ fan but I think this may be my favorite design yet.