Thursday 3 April 2014

2014 Adventures in Repacks: Part 20 - Part 1

More repack fun. I busted one of those 10 pack repacks. The contents were:

1988 Fleer
2007 Upper Deck S1
2007 Upper Deck S2 Rack Pack
2008 Upper Deck Documentary
2012 Bowman
2012 Bowman Chrome
2012 Topps S1
2012 Opening Day
2012 Topps Update
2012 Allen & Ginter Rack Pack

An interesting breakdown. Let's start with all the 2012 products in this post, and then I'll hit the rest tomorrow.

2012 Bowman

Alex Gordon - It's always nice to start off with a filthy uniform.
Heath Bell
Clay Bucholz - How can a uniform on someone who, for whom every inning he pitched in the majors was in a Red Sox uniform have a card where the uniform looks photoshopped?
Heath Bell
Michael Fiers RC
Zach Walters - Chrome
Michael Crouse - Chrome
Pablo Sandoval - Gold
Jorge Osuna
Anthony Rendon

Oh well, at least the first two were needs for my '12 Bowman base set.

2012 Bowman Chrome
Colby Rasmus
Gary Apelian
Josh Hamilton - Refractor

3 cards in a pack - might as well scan all of them. A Blue Jay is a nice start. Apelian had 8 homers in 55 games to start off his pro career, which got him some cards. Unfortunately, he slid to a batting average around 200 in '12, and doesn't appear to have played at all in '13.

2012 Topps S1
Nyjer Morgan - One of my favourite base photos in '12.
Roy Halladay
Johnny Cueto
Miguel Olivo
Eli Whiteside
Devin Mesoraco
Jordan Pacheco
Golden Greats Roberto Clemente - How can anybody hate pulling a card of Clemente?
Nate Schierholtz
Mike Napoli
John Danks

2012 Topps Update

Joe Smith
Craig Stammen
Yu Darvish
Carlos Beltran
David Wright - I think this was my only Mets card among the Topps products.
Jay Bruce - Gold 319/2012 - Finally, a serial numbered card I can send off to serial numbered insanity. Assuming I don't forget about it between now and then. Which I'll probably do.
Austin Kearns - Gold Sparkle
Jordan Danks
Edward Mujica
Bobby Abreu
Jason Hammel
Chad Durbin

2012 Opening Day

Justin Morneau - WOO-HOO! CanCon!
Drew Pomeranz
Hanley Ramirez
Joey Votto - On Deck Preparation - I hadn't bought too much Opening Day, so I didn't know about this subset. A nice idea, and also another piece of CanCon. This one is my favourite card from these packs.
Casey Mcgehee
Jeff Niemann
Albert Pujols

2012 A&G Rack Pack

Joakim Soria
Wade Davis
Todd Helton - What a beautiful horizontal card.
Adam Lind
Kirk Herbstreit - Ginter Back Mini - I had no idea who this was, and being a Ginter back made it so I had to google it.
Jackie Roosevelt Robinson - What's In a Name? - Much like the Clemente, Robinson is always someone who it is nice to pull a card of. Even if both of them make a lot of appearances in modern products.
Carlos Santana
Chipper Jones - Mini - The Horizontal cards in this product were beauties.
Jeff Niemann
Annie Duke
Jhoulys Chacin

And that's 6 packs. I'll hope some photographic awesomeness improves things with tomorrow's UD packs.

Edit: It looks like blogger ate all of my solo vertical scans. Oops.

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