Sunday 13 April 2014

Any port in a storm

One of my most wanted masks for the masks binder was a card featuring the one that Carey Price sported during the Heritage Classic. I was frequently looking through post '11 images of Carey Price cards at COMC hoping one would show up. The only one I've seen is one from last year's Rookie Anthology Great Outdoors inserts. I liked the mask, but not $7.50 liked.

Finally one showed up at a far more reasonable price.

The only problem is that it wasn't a card. It was a sticker. And it was only part of the photo.

But, as the title says, any port in a storm.

And, one Heritage Classic card deserves another, so here's Rene "What do you mean he doesn't speak French?!?" Bourque surveying the surrounding pre-game.
Nice toque.

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