Monday 21 April 2014

Collector's Choice 1995 - I Choose You! Part 1

Please excuse the lack of verbosity the past few days. I've been hammering away at the COMC Challenges, and building up credit there. And by building I mean I've got about 100 cards waiting to be shipped. The best thing is that as I learn about other subjects that I didn't think had sets devoted to them, I'm finding new subjects for the 2-14 binder. And by new subjects I mean 9 of them.

I mean, who would have thought I'd find a card of Jules Asner?

Anyhow, here's 6 cards from 1995 Collector's Choice that I got from Just Commons a long time ago.
Let's open with Scott Brosius giving a whole new meaning to "player behind the camera".
And if you don't like that, flip the card over for a nice throwback uniform.
Just a classic picture of Joe Carter - this will be a gorgeous addition to his binder. I'm trying to guess the stadium behind him, though. The walls appear green, so I'm guessing Oakland. But, that's still a guess.
Following that up with a completely random addition to my Mets binder. Yes, Joe. That's a bat.
I'd still rather see this than a close up of Otis' face.
Posing with a lucky Upper Deck contest winner. Very Meta.
And one of the classic odd cards from the set.


  1. Cards like these are perfect examples of why I love Collector's Choice so much.

  2. I'm a fan of Collector's Choice as well.