Wednesday 2 April 2014

Fun with licensing (or the lack thereof)

On Monday, I picked up a rack pack of 2014 Sage Hit football. While busting too many of it during the busting of a pair of 20 pack football repacks didn't make me a fan, there was someone for whom I was hunting for a base card of for my 2/14 collection. On that front, I got what I was looking for, and will post it along with some other new cards for the binder tonight.

But, that was not my favourite card.

2/14 cards usually are, so it has to be something amazing to surpass it.

And it was. I pulled an auto from the retail product.

It wasn't a major card of someone likely to go high in the NFL draft, although he is projected to be drafted in the high-to-middle rounds.

Out of the University of Wyoming, here's Brett Smith!
And yes, he's wearing a Piss Excellence t-shirt.
Said shirt is even more obvious on the base card.

I'm guessing his Big Johnson shirt was in the wash.