Thursday, 24 April 2014

2014 Adventures in Repacks: Part 25 - Part 1

Another one of those ten pack repacks. Variety was not the spice of life here. If you liked Series 2 from '12 and '13, you'd have loved this repack. Half the packs came from those two sets. In fact, only 2 of the packs were non-Topps products, a pack of 2003 Flair and a pack of 1990 Donruss.

But at least 5 flagship packs makes it easier to split this into two posts.

Unfortunately, the cards themselves were pretty bland.

The best of the almost 60 base cards was this one featuring Cliff Pennington  rocking some 80s throwbacks. I could even trace these to the specific game these were worn. So, there's that.
Will the inserts save this portion of the repack? Getting a Blue Jay helps.
And an extra card from my favourite insert set of 2013 for my misc. awesome photo binder.
Or a die-cut!
Or a nice and sparkly card.
But the big winner was this gorgeous photo of Joe Mauer, perfectly framed on this '87 retro card.

Sure, inserts might be a bit overused in the base product, but they also saved this portion of the repack.

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