Wednesday 16 April 2014

2014 Adventures in Repacks: Part 23 - Part 1

My love for repacks has had me busting some football stuff lately. I've picked up a 10 pack repack, and a 3 pack + a hit repack. I'll start with the former, which contained these packs.

1990 Score
1991 Score
2006 Topps Total
2006 Upper Deck (Rack Pack)
2009 Upper Deck (Fat Pack)
2009 UD Philadelphia * 2
2010 Panini Absolute
2010 Gridiron Gear
2011 Score

I didn't really know how to break this up logically and to keep the # of cards in each post relatively uniform. I eventually decided to leave the Upper Deck stuff until tomorrow, and hit the other 6 packs today. The piles were close enough, so here we go, chronologically.

1990 Score

John Elway - A good start. I know this stuff is overproduced out the wazoo, but it is always nice to get a marquee player to start.
Mike Johnson
Bobby Hebert
Jeff Lageman - All I can do is think of this video when I see Lageman's name. (:45)
Dave Meggett
Andy Heck
Super Bowl Trivia #17
Jerry Holmes
Jerome Brown
Steve DeBerg
Cylde Simmons
Joe Montana - Hot Gun
Jim Everett - Hot Gun
Mark Rypien - Hot Gun
Rohn Stark - Back when punters got cards.
Simon Fletcher
Bill Brooks

1991 Score

Eric Martin
Bo Jackson
Anthony Bell
Gerald McNeil
Emmitt Smith
Nick Lowery - Dream Team - Back when kickers were even featured in subsets.
Cedric Mack
Drew Hill
Keith Byars - My second favourite photo in this pack.
Ethan Horton
Dean Steinkuhler - My second favourite name in this pack.
Mike Stonebreaker - Steinkuhler might be a great last name, but it pales to Stonebreaker.
Eugene Marve - Although it captures a potential face mask penalty, it is still my favourite picture in this pack. I'm surprised there were so many keeper cards in '91 Score.
Ronnie Harmon
Max Montoya
Ricky Sanders

Now, a big jump to 2006 with Topps Total. With the name, I imagined getting lots of special teams guys.
Shayne Graham/Kyle Larson - A punter and a kicker. Great start!
Billy Volek
Kelly Holcomb/Roscoe Parrish - WOO-HOO! The first Bills card of this break.
Norm Herron/Andrae Thornton
Jerry Porter
Donald Driver
Chester Taylor
Devin Hester RC - I'm guessing this one would win the book value war in this portion of the break.
Kamerion Wimbley RC
Keary Colbert (Blue parallel)
Tiki Barber - Total Topps

2010 Absolute

Jason Campbell
Matt Moore
Sidney Rice
Chris Cooley
Dallas Clark
Dan LeFevour RC /299 - Actually, a great pull for me. Dan's currently playing for my fave CFL team in Hamilton, and has been solid in short yardage situations with a QB sneak. About as close to a hit in this repack.
LaDainian Tomlinson - It says a lot about a pack that my favourite photo in is from the team's practice. Nothing good, though.
Ray Rice
Brandon Marshall
Miles Austin

2010 Gridiron Gear

Donald Driver - This pack started with an outstanding sprinting photo. I decided to look up to see if he did go all the way on this, but he didn't pick up a TD vs the Steelers. But he did get a 49 yard reception, so I'm guessing that's what this is.
Ray Lewis
Aaron Rodgers
Devery Henderson
Mohamed Massaquoi
Brett Favre
Joe Haden RC
Braylon Edwards - Reserved for my next package to TMM.
Vince Young

2011 Score

Chad Johnson - Who is trying out for the CFL Alouettes this season. I so want a Quatre-Vingts Cinq jersey.
Tom Brady - Again, it is for TMM.
Cortland Finnegan
Dwayne Bowe
Shonn Greene - In The Zone
Drake Nevis RC - Glossy
Nick Fairley

Almost 70 cards. 1 Buffalo Bills card in the whole lot. But, plenty of keepers as well for the misc. football binder. Mainly from the Topps Total for the oddball factor. The Bills ratio really doesn't get too much better in the second part of the break, but at least there will be some great photos.

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