Saturday 12 April 2014

Not quite dime-box goodies - Part 11

How about some more 1997 Donruss?

So, maybe I picked up a wee bit too many cards from this set. But, you have to jump on interesting cards when they're 12 for $1. This one provides a different view of the play at the plate theme, albeit with an unfortunate view of some anonymous player.
Staying in Texas, here's Juan Gonzalez rocking a throwback uniform. This card was #1 in the base set, and this is a great way to start the set.
What a nice view of the knuckleball grip.
A new Joe Carter for the PC.
It is a two way battle for which player has the least flattering facial expression while delivering the pitch. I'd give the nod to Appier, although scowly Avery is close.
I may never get tired of cards with players talking on shoulder-strain inducing cell phones.
Here's a photo that is framed perfectly, capturing both Surhoff, and the name on the bat barrel.
From a smiling photo to a not-so-happy photo. I'm not sure what Ellis is pointing at, but his expression indicates he's not pleased.

So, there's more from that box of cards I raided in January. I've got to get this done before I hit the Expo in 3 weeks time.

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