Monday 7 April 2014

2014 Adventures in Repacks: Part 21

Ye Olde Surprise Box from Ye Olde Dollarama. And actually, a pretty nice card contained within. The contents were a goalie pack, a rookie pack, a superstar pack, and a pack of '99 Upper Deck.

Let's go!

Olaf Kolzig cards are always welcome in the mask binder, based on his always fun Godzilla theme. But my favourite might be the very basic Nicola Riopel mask, which is perfect for the Moncton Wildcats.
I'm not sure if the guaranteed rookie card is the Brad Boyes or the Clarke McArthur. Either way, they fall way behind the Tkachuk for its great use of the horizontal format.
None of these were my guaranteed superstar in that pack, but there's a 5th card on its way to the mask binders.
And my Superstar card makes it 6.
Of the 10 cards in the UD pack, 8 of them were base. All were very bland photos for an Upper Deck set. But, 8 base cards out of 10 means 2 inserts. Let's check them out.
Kariya on the Canucks? I don't remember Paul playing there. *turns card over*. Oh. Steve Kariya.

That's like finding out you're attending a Frank Stallone film festival.
But this one is a beautiful addition to my collection. They fell at a rate of 1:23, so it is a really nice grab from a repack, and  the foil on the card looks even nicer in person. It's definitely better than I'd expect from a repack, even though these packs really couldn't be searched to find these types of inserts.

Plus, it is always fun to bust stuff that you didn't bust at the time.

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