Friday 25 April 2014

2014 Adventures in Repacks: Part 25 - Part 2

So, all the Topps S2 stuff yesterday was pretty bland. Can the other packs make it interesting?

They were:

1990 Donruss
2003 Flair
2013 Heritage
2013 Gypsy Queen
2013 Archives

Let's attack chronologically.
The first card out is a PC guy!

What a great way to start off! As for the rest, no Diamond Kings in this one, but I did pull an Expo, and a few HOFers or likely HOFers.
And now, with the cards per pack being in scanner friendly numbers, I can scan all the rest of 'em!
That was a very AL East intensive pack. How'd that Philly get in there? Still, it is always fun to bust something you didn't bust at the time.
I don't like my odds on winning this trip. And now, all the way up to 2013!
A pair of rookie trophies negates the appearance of A-Rod. The Cespedes is a short-print as well.
The GQ was pretty generic. The highlights here are the insert, and the obvious appearance of the Skydome on the Ramriez card. I see you hiding in the background, metric measurements!
And the Archives stuff. Nice Tall Boy to wrap things up!

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