Friday 4 April 2014

2014 Adventures in Repacks: Part 20 - Part 2

Now, for the non-Topps portion of the repack.

2007 Upper Deck S1

Clay Hensley - A nice start with Padres brown.
Todd Coffey
Joe Nathan
Ian Kinsler
Zach Duke
Carlos Zambrano - This might be a dream card for Nick @ Dime Boxes. A Cub. A pitcher at the plate. And a broken bat.
Placido Polanco - And here's an appearance of an award I really haven't seen much of on cardboards. It is the L.S. MacPhail Jr. award for the AL Championship Series MVP.
Tom Gorzelanny

2008 Documentary

Angels - Game 31 (At least one was a new Vladdy)
Diamondbacks - Game 41
Marlins - Game 78
Tigers - Game 78
Phillies - Game 59
Mariners - Game 58
Astros - Game 103
Marlins - Game 103
Tigers - Game 103
Angels - Game 64 (Gold)

1988 Fleer

Steve Lombardozzi
Tom Hume
Kelly Gruber - WOO-HOO! A Blue Jay!
John Davis
Danny Cox
Spike Owen
Randy St. Claire - WOO-HOO! An Expo!
Jay Bell
Les Lancaster
Harold Baines
Orel Hershiser
Jay Aldrich
Jeff Blauser
Eric Bell
Kevin Bass

2007 Upper Deck S2 Rack

Eric Hinske
Joe Borowski
Jimmy Gobble - Jimmy Gobble! One of my favourite names in baseball history!
Kevin Mench - Another twofer Dime Boxes mini-collection. Throwback uniform and signing autographs. It even has a nice photo of the stadium in the background.
Hanley Ramirez
Mike Piazza - Not an oddball, but seeing Piazza in anything but a Mets or Dodgers uniform still seems strange.
Shawn Hill
Jeremy Guthrie
Neal Cotts
Logan Kensing
Aubrey Huff
Kevin Gregg
Elmer Dessens - Baseball seriously needs more people named Elmer.
MVP Potential - Magglio Ordonez
Jon Lieber - There aren't too many play at the plate cards that feature the pitcher as opposed to the catcher showing off the ball.
Ryan Franklin
Ryan Zimmerman
Mike Lowell - This would have been an "Out of Bounds" parallel had this photo shown up in Topps S1 last year.
Vernon Wells - A Blue Jay! WOO-HOO! I don't know if he's circling the bases after a home run, or trotting back to the dugout after a pop-up. I assume I could look up day games in 2006 featuring Oakland at Toronto, but I'll pass.
Barry Zito
David Delucci
Octavio Dotel
Tony Graffanino - There's an Italian name for you! PAISANO!
Rob Bowen
Bruce Chen
Pete Orr - CanCon!
Brad Eldred - Unlike Vernon, you know this is after a home run.
Edwin Jackson
Jeff DaVanon
MVP Potential - Jermaine Dye

Lots of photographic keepers makes this a great repack busting session. I'll have to keep look for ones with UD rack packs visible, as they seem filled with keepers.


  1. Though the design isn't all that great, I'm just now starting to realize how great the photography was in 2007 Upper Deck.

    The Zambrano and Mench (both of which I have) are especially awesome mini-collection hits. The Lieber is another favorite of mine for the exact reason you mentioned.

  2. I've always been a fan of UD's photography. Good stuff.

  3. That Lowell is great, and this post makes me want some 07 Upper Deck.