Sunday, 22 September 2013

Trade w/ Scott Crawford - Part 4 of 6 (or more)

There's still 8 slots left in the group break, and plenty of the popular teams left. Check on the right of the blog for a link, or if you're even lazier than me, or click HERE. I'd like to sell at least 4 more slots. When I receive notice of the package being shipped, I'm going to cut off the signups and do the randomization. So click HERE for more information and to grab your team.

Now, back to the trade which I took a break from, for a one post interval. The baseball portion consisted of a good number of Expos, and a lot of Jays and Mets. Since the Expos portion was only about 100 cards worth, I'll hit the highlights of those with this post.

Most of the cards were 70s and early 80's, but there were two outside of that time period, and I'll show them off first.
Awesome! Not just a card of baseball's greatest mascot ever, but a card where Youppi! is rendered in a holographic form. Damn you to hell, Loria, for helping to take the greatest mascot from baseball. Hockey Youppi! is nice, but it just isn't the same.
The other 90s card? An auto of Darrin Fletcher. He's one of many players to make stops in both Canadian MLB cities.

And a random look at some of the rest (random as per the order they appeared when I uploaded them in blogger)
Baseball seriously needs more players named Boots.
It was nice to add some 70's cards of Ellis Valentine to my collection. I've got some 80s ones of him with Expos and Mets, but this was among my first from that decade.
I guess these people did go on and do better things. I mean, Bryn Smith became a Diamond King in 1990! The other two managed to do pretty well for themselves on the bench with the Red Sox in the 00's.
WOO-HOO! Bilingual scoreboard! It's nice that this was a shot in Montreal instead of a spring training picture - although the long sleeves probably were more a give away that this was snapped in a northern climate.
This would be the only Expos card of Alou, at least until he'd return to the city on the bench.
The oldest Expos card in the bunch, and a trophy worthy of any all-star rookie.
Surprisingly, the only OPC card in the mix.
Warren's now working as part of the effort to bring baseball back to Montreal. Warren is now working with a group trying to bring baseball back to the city.
I've got his OPC card from this season in my 2.14 binder. Now, I've got his Topps card. It will be the first same, but different card in the binder.
And finally, this card, which might have been the one from this set that was most likely to be mistaken for a manager's card.

That's 4 posts, and two teams wrapped up. Continued thanks for the trade, as I continue to work my way through the box. I've got to be at the halfway point now, right?

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  1. That Laboy has to be one of the better cards from the '70 Topps checklist.