Monday, 23 September 2013

Just one pack

While at the LCS in order to pick up some team bags and hard toploaders for my break (Points to side), that urge to buy a pack of something overtook me. So, I walked out with a pack of Pinnacle to go with my supplies. Like any good card blogger, I had to show them off.

Best card for me was the Jose Reyes. Unless I pull a hit, and sometimes, even if I do, a Jay or a Met will be my favourite in the bunch.
And if doesn't go to a Jay or a Met, a Canadian might also make my list.
The obligatory insert card.
The obligatory rookie cards.
And the rest. Very AL intensive, but since Verlander game me my greatest in person baseball moment, it cancels out the presence of a Yankee.

Pinnacle has been my favourite mid/low-range hockey product of the past few years. As of now, it doesn't appear to be on the schedule for this season, so this might be my only Pinnacle purchase of the year.

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