Friday, 6 September 2013

Sports Fan Expo goodies Part 7

Meet The Mets, Meet The Mets, Step right up and greet the Mets!

While I did pick up some nice souvenirs that commemorated their last season at Shea, I also picked up a few other cards. A pair of dime box cards that I put aside and forgot about them for yesterday's post. 3 relics at a dollar each, and one at 2.

Here's one of the cards that sat on my most wanted list for a little over a week. A nice moment in the history of the team. But it is typical of my beloved Mets that it does commemorate a loss.
OK. It's got a crease in the top. For a dime, I don't care, and have no qualms putting it in the Mets binder.

And now, the hits.
A dollar for a relic of my favourite of one of my favourite players. Yes! I confess that I'm still looking for one where the relic is obviously cut from a Marlins jersey. I don't quite know why. Completeness? Total hits of Delgado are now at 11. I slowly inch my way towards putting together a "One Piece At A Time" jersey.
OK. His most memorable Mets moment was an error. Still, I think this is my first hit of his.
Here's the stunner of the day. I was certain that I'd had at least one Beltran hit, but a quick look through my binder showed not only no Beltran hits, but not even a numbered card. Welcome, I guess.
And here's someone who I knew I had at least one relic of. But this is my first bat relic of his.

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