Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Still Can't Have Too Many Trades w/ Too Many Manninghams - Part 1

The mailbag came in from Dennis @ TMM again, bringing lots of goodies for my various personal collections. Today, nothing but the hits! Next time, lots of other goodies, including 3 cards that vanished off my top 10 list.

The usual question was asked. What's in your COMC cart? Well, there were a few things, a trio of hits for my 2/14 collection most notably. All 3 of which were about $2.00.

Opening up, the only hit of John Marzano from his playing career. There were a couple TriStar cut autographs of his that were released after his death, but this one is from 1996. It's also one of only a couple releases that feature him in a Seattle uniform.
Another baseball autograph - this one of Travis Banwart. He's still in the minor leagues in the Oakland system. He threw a respectable 10-5 record up this season, but with a 4.50 ERA. Still, that is in the PCL, so it isn't always accurate.
And finally, another Be a Player autograph for my collection, this one of Calle Johansson. Much like with Leaf signatures, this set brings the chance for autographs of players that I'd never expect to see one of in typical sets. I really need to add a Petr Svoboda auto as well to my set, although the cheapest ones are of the other Petr Svoboda, who had a cup of coffee with the Leafs.
And to wrap up the 2/14 additions, this one was a surprise. It's my second autograph and second hit overall for Norris. With this design, the lack of an license actually works.

And off to my PC guys.
I was a little worried when I saw this, thinking it would be a dupe of an auto I picked up a few weeks prior. Nope. That was 2001. This was 2002. It's the same jersey style though, so that's what threw me.
Vladdy relics are always welcome additions. I think I've picked all but one of them up in trades w/ TMM.
In the most recent trade, I sent a printing plate of John Madden stateside. That's not the football guy - it's the guy that spent almost 900 games in the NHL, most with the Devils. So, one came this way in return. Since you can't tell by reading, the card is of Russ Adams. He's one of several "shortstops of the future" in Toronto's recent history. It's the first 1/1 in my Blue Jays collection.

One post down, one to go, and one of many thank yous for the great cards, with more to come.

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