Sunday, 8 September 2013

Getting ready for kick-off - Part 2

And now, the jumbo pack.

I originally was determined to build this set solely through retail packs and singles, but a trip to the LCS with wax sitting out just waiting to be busted changed my plans. I elected on the jumbo because there was a better chance of a hit than just the regular hobby packs.

And believe it or nuts, I actually pulled an auto. A veteran one as well, or at least not a rookie that doesn't even have a wikipedia page to call his own. If it is one of a pro-bowler and a pretty darn good defensive player, all the better.
No gold parallel in the pack, but this one was. Again, the metallic pink really works as well with the football as it did with the baseball.

But the most important thing wasn't the auto. It wasn't the parallel. It is "How many, if any Bills did I pull?".
2 of them! At least for now.
Some of my favourite photos in the pack include these two of a pair of players taking to the air. Seeing these again this morning reminded me of CJ Gable's moves in yesterdays CFL game.
Now that's one way f adding to yards after catch.
Another one I really liked with this simple, but intense card of Brian Urlacher. A great cardboard send-off.
But my favourite might be this team card of the Colts. I loved all the celebration cards in Score's hockey release, and I'm loving the ones that have shown up in this years set.

And now, time to await the misery that is the Bills season opener.

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  1. Heartbreaking loss for Buffalo today. As a Pats fan I'm happy, but really neither team deserved to win that ugly mess.