Wednesday, 18 September 2013

2 envelopes. 2 cards.

It isn't exactly the most efficient way to have cards arrive, but I'll still gladly welcome both of them into my home.
Over at Chronicles of Fuji, he recalled a trip to the flea market where he could have picked up an autographed Dave Dravecky card and ball for the low price of about $150.00. That inspired me to hit ebay to see if I could at least find a card for a reasonable price. Dave is probably the best known baseball player in my 2/14 binder, but I didn't have any hits of his. Considering he hasn't had a card since the early 90s, that's not surprising. Although I keep thinking he'd be a great candidate for the the fan favourites portion of an Archives set.

Anyhow, for approximately $145.00 less than the Fuji Combo, I picked up this card. It's not a "Congratulations" auto card, but I can't imagine there being a great demand out there for anybody to forge a Dave Dravecky auto. I didn't even have this base card, so bonus!

I don't care if that this card is a redemption and that it would have been a Leafs card. I'm still claiming it. On a plus, at least it has the throwback logo.

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