Thursday, 26 September 2013

A long-ago purchased repack finally gets blogged - Part 2

Time to dig into the other side of the repack.

I was originally interested in this repack for the ruby parallel of David Price, but the Stellar '92 Issue of Sandberg was also of interest ot me. It seemed like a neat oddball card, and I'd never heard of the set before. Turns out that it might be kinda scarce.
Only 500 of these sets? I didn't get any certificate of authenticity and production with it, though.
Darrell Brown signing autographs is nice. Lonnie Smith's facial hair might be even better.
There were no 1991 Fleer in the repack, but I still got an assortment of very yellow cards.
Back-to-back Hall of Famers? Sure, they're 1990 cards, but since the Murray is from the Best of the NL set, there might be fewer than a million of them out there.
Best card back? Pretty much the default choice with every repack is a 1993 Leaf card, and how can you vote against this one from the Rockies?
The oddest of the odd wasn't this Kmart Wade Boggs...
But this card. It's the second time I've found a card from the wrong sport in a repack, but I tend not to complain about things like that - I welcome them as repack oddness and awesomeness.
A bunting card?  I figured that would be the only reason anybody would scan a 1989 Donruss of Juan Castillo.
I don't think Howard Johnson had any base cards after this 1996 one, so this could have been the farewell card for Hojo.
As for guys from my favourite teams, there were one of each.
Incredibly great older uniforms? This side of the repack had those as well. Seriously, this might have been my greatest 50 card repack bunch, baseball-wise, that I've ever busted.
Sure, every man, woman, and child in India could have one of these, and still have a good number left over to share with their neighbours in Bangladesh. It's still a nice rookie card to have in my Expos binder.
And here's a good candidate for "least flattering facial expression on a card". And Topps even decided to highlight it with the inset photo. Did Pat Rapp run over the dog of some Topps executive?

I can't end on that photo. How about a couple more minor league cards?
They are silver parallels as well. John Anderson spent some part seasons in the bigs, while Orenduff never made it above AAA.

Best 50-card  repack side ever? For me, I'd say so.


  1. I can never see Lee Trevino anymore without thinking of Happy Gilmore. I think I read recently that he regrets doing it. I love that movie for what it's worth!

  2. Nice repack ! The Star Stellar Edition set : 12 players, 9 cards of each. Plus a promo of each. Sandberg was 28-36. Entire set (w/o promos) has "book" price of $65.00.