Saturday, 28 September 2013

Group Break bonus #2! The rack pack on the way back.

There's a Walmart between the flea market and home, so I decided to get some sort of bonus there. Being as it was Canada, there was far more hockey than baseball, forcing me to chose between a 2012 Ginter rack pack and a 2013 Topps S2 rack pack. I opted for the former.

There were no hits, but I think we still did quite well. We grabbed some nice inserts, one of the SP cards, and all 3 minis from the packs were variants, and all 3 of those found homes outside of mine.

Here's what ended up with the picked and randomed teams:

Baltimore: No cards
San Diego: 1 card - Yonder Alonso mini (Ginter back!)
Boston: No cards
Arizona: 1 card - What's In a Name - Justin Upton
LA Dodgers: No cards
Oakland A's: No cards

New York Yankees: 2 cards - Phil Hughes base, Russell Martin mini (Ginter back!)
Detroit Tigers: 1 card - Max Scherzer base
Pittsburgh Pirates: 1 card - Roberto Clemente - Highlight sketches
Miami Marlins: Matt Dominguez base SP
St. Louis Cardinals: No cards
Chicago White Sox: Adam Dunn mini (Black border!)
Texas Rangers: 2 cards - Neftali Feliz & Elvis Andrus base
Tampa Bay Rays: No cards
Toronto Blue Jays: 1 card - Adam Lind mini (gold border)
Milwaukee Brewers: 1 card - Topps pennant "Ever Wonder..." app ad.
The only bad news out of it was that two of the cards would have gone to teams that were traded away.
The pack contained up 2 non-baseball cards, both World's Tallest Buildings cards of the Metlife Building & Burj Khalifa.
I decided to random them, and put the purchased teams into
I was hoping they'd go to the Dodgers/A's slot, since they didn't get a card, but the randomizer swung in favour of the Pirates.

Still no change in the status of the package, so there might be even more goodies added if the package doesn't arrive by Wednesday.

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