Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Still Can't Have Too Many Trades w/ Too Many Manninghams - Part 2

Yesterday, the hits. Today, the base.

3 cards vanished off my most wanted list. This was the first of the bunch. It was one I discovered simply looking through Al Leiter cards over at zistle,  and it immediately became a want. A great pitcher at the plate picture, combined with an interesting bunt picture, and a great view of part of the stadium in San Francisco.
The other two were members of the 2-14 club, as this Takashi Saito
and more importantly, one that's been on my want list for a good while - this Pro Debut card of Derek Norris. I love adding different uniforms to the binder, whether they are college or minor leagues. This is my 10th Derek Norris card for the project.
Also nicely, this trade wrapped up the base set of this year's Archives. I'm 15 SPs away from wrapping it up. Slowly but surely, I'll put the finishing touches on it. Probably in 1 or 2 card increments.
Here's another addition to my Ottawa Senators frankenset. I thought I was done, but then I cross-references with hockeydb, which added several more names to my list. As of now, I'm 4 cards out. Such luminaries as Mike Hoffman and Chris Herperger remain.
My Canadian content collection grew by a fistful of Larry Walkers. The Sportflics cards win this one easily.
There was a small selection of Mets cards in there. My favourite of them was this great card of Strawberry. I'm generally not a big fan of spring training shots, but this one is framed beautifully to place the name on his bat almost perfectly centered. This might very well become my favourite Strawberry card.
I kept waiting for one of these to come out of my repacks. Time to end that waiting.
And my favourite Blue Jays card among them is one of many I have that commemorate this classic moment. Although I didn't have this one.

Thanks again, and I hope my hockey-free mystery envelope arrives stateside shortly.

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