Sunday, 15 September 2013

Trade w/ Scott Crawford - Part 2 of 6 (or more)

Another Buffalo Bills post. This time the 90s. Lots of good memories, but they were outweighed greatly by the handful of bad ones. But I'd gladly take losing 4 straight Super Bowls nowadays.

Time to dig in.

Let's open with my favourite. It's a great shot of Cornelius planting Joe Montana, but it is more than just that. That game was my first Bills game. I was old enough to join a cross-border bus trip put on by a local drinking establishment. The Bills obliterated the Montana-lead Chiefs 44-10. I had no voice until Tuesday. What more could you ask for? Plus, this sent me to COMC to see if there were any others from my trips down there. I limited myself only to memorable ones instead of generic shots, and grabbed this beauty of Bruce Smith, celebrating his combining to stop Barry Sanders for a safety.

So many memories.

The only problem with coming across Jim Kelly and Lonnie Johnson cards is wondering if they'll go in my 2-14 binder or my Bills binder. I did get a couple of dupes from my 2-14 binder, so it is the Bills binder for these.
As the decade wore on, good QB memories were limited to this guy.
Heck, they even included his CFL stats on the back of his card! I'd like a good reason why Brandon Browner and Cameron Wake don't have their stats from the 3-down game.
Since I'm scanning cards backs, I might as well include my favourite from those. I love the '92 Topps backs that had nice views of the stadium.
And to wrap this up, shiny Bruce!

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