Thursday, 5 September 2013

Sports Fan Expo goodies Part 6

The dime bins were not too plentiful at the Expo. I came across a grand total of 2. Neither of which could be called bins, but could maybe qualify as 500 count boxes. That doesn't mean I didn't grab some. It's just that I didn't even break the dollar mark in terms of dime bin purchases. At the end of the day, I ended up with 3 hockey dime bin cards, 5 baseball ones, and one that featured none of the above, but still should not have been in a dime bin.

I'll start with hockey. There's two reasons to love the card. Firstly, there's a guy who has a name that is a somewhat mild expletive. Secondly, you have a jersey that just looks cheap. Everything that isn't blue looks like an iron-on you'd get in a comic book. It is my first Golden Seals card with a blue uniform, though, so I'll give it the nod on the basis of the uniform.
Although obviously years apart, Bill Goldsworthy attended the same senior public (junior hgh) school as I did. Unfortunately, he's better known as the first NHLer to die as a result of complications from AIDS.
And to wrap up the hockey portion, here's a new face for my Kitchener Rangers alumni collection. John Baby only had cards this and the following season. He's pictured with the Nordiques there in an obvious airbrushing job, since he never played a game for them. That's two fewer than he played for the North Stars in this season, which does make one wonder why he'd warrant a card the following year.
Off to baseball, and one of two cards from outside the 70s that I pulled from a dime bin. It's a nice moment to be commemorated on cardboard, so why not grab it for a dime?

A pair of 1977 cards of Hall of Famers for a dime? That's a pair of binder additions I'd take any day.
I just thought this was an interesting concept for a card.
And, let's head back a year for a card featuring one of my favourite nicknames in the game. The Mad Hungarian! He doesn't look to mad in this picture, though. Perhaps just the mildly upset Hungarian this time.

And finally, the card that I pulled from a dime box, but definitely should not have been in there:

An SP.

I just grabbed it because it said SP on it - thinking someone might be building the set. I hadn't made too much effort onto knowing anything about this set, but apparently they fall at 2 per case, and are limited to only 92. So, if anybody out there is a Hoganmaniac for this guy, let me know and I can most certainly be had as a cheap date.


  1. Wow, California Golden Seals and Cleveland Barons jerseys in one post, impressive.

  2. When you consider the quality of the o pee chee airbrush jobs in the late 70's, Baby's 79-80 Nordiques card looks too good - possibly it was taken in pre-season