Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Group Break: 2nd team randomization video

Video here:

For those not wanting to watch, here's the summary:

Baltimore Orioles (Ryan H.) San Diego Padres
Boston Red Sox (Jeff) Arizona Diamondbacks
Los Angeles Dodgers (Jess) Colorado Rockies (traded for Oakland)
New York Yankees (Jeff) Detroit Tigers
Pittsburgh Pirates (Nathan) Los Angeles Angels (traded for Miami)
St Louis Cardinals (madding) San Francisco Giants (traded for Chicago White Sox)
Texas Rangers (Jess)  Tampa Bay Rays 
Toronto Blue Jays (Robert) Milwaukee Brewers
I've got all other teams for myself, but am willing to trade most of them. As of now, only my officially purchased team of the Mets is not for trade, and I'm also keeping the Twins hoping for some Byron Buxton from  the Pro Debut.

I'll have a video of the repack box tomorrow. I'll also have the camera turned in the right direction for the video.


  1. Any chance I could trade in the Angels for the Dodgers?

    1. The Dodgers were already picked in the original process.

    2. Whooh! Can't believe I missed that. How about Miami?

    3. Sure. I'll take the Angels, and give away the Marlins.

  2. Replies
    1. Feel free to pick any of the teams I have.

    2. Would you be interested in trading any of these three (in order of preference) for the Rockies?

      1. Oakland
      2. Angels
      3. Washington

    3. I said I'd trade anything. Oakland was your first choice - you got Oakland.

  3. Since nothing of consequence has been pulled yet, would you be willing to swap the White Sox for the Giants? I owe some White Sox to someone.