Saturday, 14 September 2013

And the rest!

With the COMC purchase of Raptors yesterday, I kept then under $15.00. However, I did have $20.00 in store credit there. So, taking the $3.00 shipping into consideration, here's what I spent the last of my credit on:

Since I don't have that many "hubba hubba" cards in my collection, especially outside of the wrestling portion of my binders, I might as well add one. This is from an insert set in 09-10 UD hockey - I'm guessing as part of the build for the Olympics. It's my third card in the set, behind a Denis Petukhov that I pulled from a pack, and a 2/14 card in JoJo Starbuck.
Speaking of 2/14, that's where the other two were. Up first, a beautiful purple refractor /199 of Derek Norris. It is a great picture as well. It almost seems like he's scoring a walk-off run.
And to wrap up this three card post, here's my second hit of Darius Songaila. .99 cents worth of purple jersey.

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