Thursday, 12 September 2013

I can't walk out of a dollar store

Without buying at least one pack of cards. It doesn't matter if it is a repack, or your standard retail pack. It's an addiction. I suppose I could have far worse ones than this.

Anyhow, a huge trade package arrived from Scott Crawford on cards, and I have enough Buffalo Bills cards right now to migrate them from box to binder. So, the Dollarama beckoned and I picked up a binder, some pages, and a surprise box.

Actually, it wasn't a surprise. The box was the open. So, I knew what I was in for before I pulled it off the hanger.

I'd never seen one of those late 90s UD packs in one of these, so I decided on this.

Let's start with this.
Sergei is the obvious big name in this one, but I really do like the pre-game warmup shot on the Kamensky. The Fata is an insert card. Overall though, I'm kinda disappointed that all the vertical cards come off as quite dull photographically. That Brown is another beauty for the horizontal.
I might as well go most cards to fewest cards. Here's the 8 card pack, which usually means junk wax and maybe 1 or 2 outside that era. I get two keepers out of one of these, and I'm happy. The John Grahame for the mask binder, and the Kirk Muller for the misc binder is fine for me. The latter might be the best view of the fisherman Islanders logo ever commemorated on cardboard.
The Superstar pack. I guess Spezza is a superstar now. Yay for the Sens! The Donruss card is of the late Igor Korolev, another one of the Lokomotiv crash victims, where he was an assistant coach.
And the rookie pack. The O'Neill card was visible in the box, and it was the one that made me not care that the box was open. It was interesting enough to make me want to spring for the box. It was a neat looking card. I don't know if that was the supposed guaranteed rookie card, or if it was the Read, but either one is nice, either from an aesthetic sense or the "Hey, that guy actually played more than a couple games to warrant a card" sense.

Not sure if I got $2.00 worth in value, but certainly $2.00 worth of fun.

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  1. Best view of the Gordon's Fisherman logo? More like the worst. What a horrible idea that was.