Tuesday, 24 September 2013

A long-ago purchased repack finally gets blogged - Part 1

Firstly, I'm going to stop sign-ups for the break tomorrow, to coincide with the release of Chrome. If you want to claim a team, head over to the side and click under "Group Break", or just click HERE. I'll probably shut things down tomorrow morning, and random the teams.

And by long ago, I mean it was purchased on June 9th of this year. I remember stopping to pick up a geocache on the way to Target, and cross-referenced that to determine the day. I then put the cards in the box, and decided I'd get to them eventually.

Eventually translates to today.

As I usually do with these 100 card hanger packs, I'll do them in sides. Today, the less interesting, at least to me, of the two sides.

That's not to say this side of the repack wasn't interesting. It was. Thiis great card of Stan Javier was my favourite in terms of photo.
Also, these were the two visible cards. There were actually 3 of the 4 visible ones that made me interested in purchasing the pack. Sorry, Zack.
These were my promised 5 rookie cards. The Madison Baumgartner is the obvious highlight, but all of these guys at least made or are currently in the majors, so they're all nice grabs. And how can you hate that Lowell Spinners logo?
Even outside of the grouped rookies, there were a few more minor league cards. There were these two.
I purchased this repack so long ago that this guy was considered a journeyman major leaguer instead of someone looking at 15 years in prison for inappropriately touching 15 and 16 year old girls.
This "Now with the Mets" card was the closest I came to getting a Met in the pack.
I did far better with Blue Jays.I definitely needed Joe Johnson for my Frankenset, and likely the Tabler.
Oddballs? There was one of those as well!
I guess this isn't technically an oddball, but it was definitely unexpected.
And to wrap this side up, the oldest card in the repack.

The other side goes up tomorrow. I'm thinking at least half of the cards might end up posted. That has to be one of the higher percentages for a baseball repack.

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