Friday, 13 September 2013

A Raptor-riffic COMC purchase

The good thing about being one of about a dozen or so people on the planet that actively cheer for the Raptors, is that you can generally find their cards at a reasonable price. Since I've decided to chase down at least one card of anybody who played for the Raptors and got a card where they were listed as such, it isn't too hard since they've not had a long history, and the smaller rosters make it not too much of a challenge.

It also makes their hits not that expensive. So, limiting myself to only $15.00, what can I come up with in terms of building the Frankenset. Looking at my shipping list from COMC, the most expensive card came in at $1.97.

And this was the one for $1.97. With the Raptors team name acting as the window for the DeRozan relic, this one just seems like a perfect card for the front of the Raptors binder. Although it is really hard to tell from the scan, the name is a lot easier to read with the card in hand.
He only had a short career. Most of his COMC cards were not that costly. But, when for a whole dollar I can pick up a relic/auto of his, I'll gladly take it. I wish he'd stayed between the lines a little better with the signature, but what can you do? There was an even cheaper one for less than a dollar, but I figured I'd shell out a few cents more for a purple swatch.
Since his only year in Toronto was a rookie season, there are a lot of hits of his out there from that one season. I'm looking for a purple swatch of his. In fact, it is the only non-2/14 card on my hit wantlist, but this was a wee bit cheaper, and I wanted to stay within my $15.00 budget. At $1.75, it tied for the second costliest card.
This was the other $1.75 card. Pape didn't have a long career, with 76 games over 3 season, all with the Raptors. But, he does have a nice signature, and I'll always love getting a card where you can parse the autograph.
While I didn't get a purple relic of Charlie, I did get this one of MoPete, at an insane cost of 97 pennies. There's a great design on this one to, as they made the card a hit without completely obliterating the background.
I even grabbed a pair of refractors. Considering all the teams he's played for, it isn't surprising to find out James made a stop in Toronto.
The best thing about hunting down these cards is the "Oh yeah, he did play in Toronto" moments. In this case, Shawn Marion.
Why highlight Chris Garner? It was the only horizontal base card I picked up. Since I had 10 left to scan, and the others were all vertical cards, it became either the odd man out, or the lucky one that got posted solo. Your choice.
And these were the rest. The Alibi is /999 and the Johnsn is /299. The Adrenalyn card was the only where Wright was both pictured and listed as a Raptor.

And that's $15.00 worth of Raptors at COMC.

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  1. Glad to know you're a Raptors fan. I don't bust much basketball, but I do usually find a Raptor or two. I'll be sure to set any aside for you.