Sunday, 1 September 2013

Repack-o-rama! Day 4!

Continuing on a holiday weekend worth of repack fun, today I'll head off to the local flea market, where I picked up 5 packs of 15 2013 Ginter cards for $1 each.

The best thing about them? All baseball. No models. No fantasy draft gurus. Nothing of that nature. Although I did hunt down the Monty Hall relics, and will probably buy the single of Mike Richter, so I'm still somewhat guilty in that regards.

When I had the Mets in My Cardboard Habit's group break, I didn't end up with a complete team set of the Mets, although grabbing a no-number Ginter back mini or Troy Tulowitzki from my randomed team was a nice condolence. These repacks only contained 3 Mets, but 2 of them were ones I needed to complete the non-SP set. I'll give the nod to Ike Davis because of the picture, although
a classic posed card of David Wright is nothing to get upset about. I just need the Tejeda & Marcum SPs to finish the team set.
I really wasn't expecting to pull the Puig rookie from these. Or the Machado. But, this is still a pretty nice one, and pretty much unexpected. It might not be the best of the rookie class in this year's A&G, but it is certainly among the better ones.
I think this one might be might be my favourite photo of the bunch. They make an average player look completely intense and bad-ass.
I can think of someone that would be interested in this particular bat barrel card.
Surprisingly, I even ended up with a quartet of short prints from these repacks. I really like the Kruk card, since he's not one of the retired guys who shows up ad nauseum in modern sets.
Speaking of retired guys, here's some more of them! And the only Yankee in the bunch isn't one of the usual suspects.

Not bad for $5.00 at all.

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  1. Now THAT is a nice flea market find. I love that Abbott card, nice to see him make an appearance in some 2013 sets.