Thursday, 19 September 2013


$5 for 2 packs, 25 cards, and a nice large storage cube? Addictive. I grabbed another one of these at Target this past week - time to dig in.

Visible were two packs of 09-10 O-Pee-Chee, and these 2 cards. Two great mask binder cards! I decided to look these up at COMC. The Potvin wasn't there, but was for .50 at sportlots. The Roy was going for $5.00
at COMC and $15.00 at sportlots, so I'd already gotten my money's worth in terms of sale prices. That might not be the most reliable indicator, though. There was another card in the repacked 25 that is selling for more there. A lot more. Read on!
No Senators among the cards in the pack, but there was someone who will be showing up in Senators cardboard form in the next little while. Meanwhile, a trip to a doctor's waiting room taught me that Bobby spent his childhood on the run frrom the FBI. Or more accurately, his father did. That magazine article isn't online - but this one is.
As expected there were Ultimate and Arena Holgrams Tuxedo cards in the mix. At least with this group, 5 of the 6 made the NHL. Only Justin Morrison didn't. I'm betting the fact he has his tongue out on the card was a factor. It looks good if you're Michael Jordan. If you're an OHL goon, not so much.

But, I might be wrong on things concerning Morrison. After all, look what this card is selling for at COMC.

If you don't want to pay $75.25 for it, send me a note. I'll sell it to you for only $49.95! I'll even throw in free shipping!

The other cards were misc Upper Deck base from the last few seasons, and bunches of Bowman. So, off to the packs. These were where things really got interesting.

Both the base SP card, and the retro parallel from the high number veterans portion of Bobby Clarke. That's a very unexpected combo. Other than that, there's a couple Wolverines alum already set aside. Garon's a nice mask binder addition. The Caroline Ouellette insert is also a nice pull. She has a trio of Olympic gold medals, so she certainly counts as a Canadian hero!

Another great repack!

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  1. $80 for that P.O.S? Someone at COMC was not sharing what he was smoking.