Monday, 16 September 2013

Trade w/ Scott Crawford - Part 3 of 6 (or more)

Time to wrap up the Bills portion of the trade.

When you reach the 2000s, you get a pile of bad memories. Not a single one of these cards come from a playoff year. But there were still some really nice memories. This one of Thurman Thomas is a favourite, mainly because of the back story. He didn't play a down in the season. He'd come off a one season run with Miami, and signed a one-day contract after the 2000 season, so he could retire a Bill. He still warranted a nice send-off card from Score.
And here's another Thurman Thomas card, this one commemorating his induction into the Hall of Fame. .
My favourite cards from this decade salutes players from the 90s. Ouch.
But a rogue's gallery of QBs can do that to a guy. And I didn't include Rob Johnson. I did that last post.

But, at least the most prominent players from the playoff drought was a current player. One half of the current  two-headed monster at RB.
I'll probably take a small break from the trade over the next few days before getting back to the baseball portion of the trade. I can't imagine it taking my planned 3 days.

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