Monday, 2 September 2013

Repack-o-rama! Day 5!

Time to wrap up my anniversary of blogging with the last repack of the long weekend. Unfortunately, the weekend ends on a very depressing note. The farmer's market portion of the flea market I sometimes hit for cards on Saturdays burned to the ground overnight. It's going to be strange and depressing going there and not grabbing apple fritters or pig tails to go with some baseball cards. Especially the latter.

I highlighted those yesterday. Today, it is the cards from a basketball repack.

Highlighting 1990 Fleer off the top? When you end up with both the main set and the update from the same year in the same repack, that's a little bit of repack perfection. Amazingly, there was also only one other 90 Fleer in the pack.
Staying with the volume theme, it wasn't 1990 Hoops that lead the way in terms of volume, it was this grouping of 1992 Upper Decks.
Even better, these were the Italian version of the cards. While my basketball loyalties are below baseball, hockey and 3-down football, the strange variety of cards I find in these repacks may make them my favourite ones to bust. That's despite the fact I can only sorta read the Italian portion of the backs of the cards. I only remember enough Italian from my younger days to get slapped senseless in Milano.
Where else would I find WNBA cards?
Of course, the newest card for my 2/14 will pretty much always be my favourite in any repack. A new Tyus Edney card, on my favourite team prior to the Raptors arrival.
I didn't pull a single Raptors card in this repack, but this was a nice-enough pair of Celtics to make up for that.
Although no Raptors came my way, I did grab a pair of their expansion cousins. Kenny Gattison has easily the worst photo in the repack.
These were my promised 5 rookies. I've pulled 9 of those Topps Rookie subset cards from repack. I highly doubt I'll find the Kevin Durant one, though. I've also pulled the green parallel of that Okafor in a previous repack as well. So much for variety with these.
I think this one is my favourite from the pack. I love the Metal cards when the background is somewhat associated with the city in question. I've got an Edgar Martinez with the space needle in the background, why not do the same with a basketball card from the same city?
Parallels? Whether gold or die-cut, there were those as well!
And finally, a six pack of cards put away for a Wolverines fan. This might mean that hockey cards won't be the most numerous in the next care package.

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