Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Minor League additions to the 2/14 binder

Earlier this month, Stackhouse, the Tim Wallach super-collector posted a link to a site that was a great source for acquiring minor league cards. I figured to give it a shot, and to see how I could do for picking up some new additions, and some old additions to the 2/14 collection.

It worked out really well. After a series of emails, I added a total of 14 new baseball cards to my collection. Half of them were of new faces for the binder, while the other half were a pair of familiar faces, but both were the two baseball guys who match up perfectly in terms of both date and year. I'm not feeling too verbose today, but I still want to show them off!

I added 5 new cards of perfect-match Damaso Marte - moving his total into the double digits with 11 cards of his.
The other familiar face - Vicente Garcia, who now stands at 3 with these two cards.

These two players make their binder debut with 2 cards each.
And these 3 enter at 1 card each.

With these additions, the total currently stands at 455 different cards encompassing 108 different subjects in the collection.

And if you're a player collector, head over to Minor League Singles, and add some obscurities to your collections!

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