Saturday, 21 September 2013

The rest of the 99

Points to the side. Lots of great teams still available in the break! Nobody has claimed the Yankees yet? Or the Giants? Or the Angels? Jump in! Especially if you're north of the border! It might be the only break that is cheaper in Canada than the States!

Pimping over! Back to the cards!

Earlier this month, I opened a basketball repack with a card so spectacular, that it deserved a post of its own. But that still left 99 cards to sort through and opt which ones to show off. So, here are the highlights from those.

Opening up, Tim Hardaway gives a whole new meaning to the term "cock blocked".
This is the closest there was to there being a Raptors card in the repack.
But there was a card of a very popular future Raptor.
Also, a higher end card of a man that is, for now, Canada's greatest export to the NBA.
Also surprising - some parallels in here. Getting a die-cut of Baby Jordan probably would have been a good pull at the time.
GAH! There's way too much dunk face for a card!
There's the obligatory WNBA card.
We also have obligatory 1981-82 Topps card.
Here were the promised 5 rookies. Or 7, depending on how one view that 3-in-1 card. Excepting the Durant, I think I've put together than entire 14 card subset through repacks.
And to wrap things up, a page worth of cards of Hall of Famers. Not a bad pack to bust at all.

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  1. I'm so jealous! Why can't my repacks ever turn out photos this good?