Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Mailbag goodies!

Envelopes from COMC and Sportlots-land ended up in my mailbox today. Just a trio of small envelopes with a focus on my personal collections with a set completer thrown in for good measure.

However, I'll start with a focus on none of those, and just highlight the three cards that don't really fit into any categories, but were still wants.
Opening up, here's a nice on card autograph of one of the more popular Raptors in team history. He was loved by fans, and I also loved that he was unashamed and very open pro wrestling fan during his time. If there was a taping in the Toronto area, he'd be at ringside for the event. He was also the guest commissioner for the Fan Axxess weekend during Wrestlemania 18, and even got to referee a tag match during the off-season. He does show up in the Panini Monumental Marks this past year, but I would rather have this one than a sticker auto.

I saw this card posted elsewhere - I think at Dime Box - but am not certain. Either way, it's a one-two punch of different photographs.
Zbynek Irgl. Worst Scrabble Hand ever.
When you're ordering a single card from a sportlots delar that charges the same shipping cost for 4 as 1, why not throw in some Alfie?
Here's the card that goes right into the binder, and will finish up my 2013-14 Score hockey set before the puck even drops this season. I thought I had it done at the Expo, but alas, I missed this one. As I pretty much expected.

Off to the 2/14 binder! And two new faces!
Herman Hunter only had a few years in the league, and 1987 was the only year he had a national card. He does have a couple of combo stickers and a Topps UK release. The latter does seem to have the exact same photograph.
And the second one is also the second wrestler and fourth woman to join the binder. She's a second generation wrestler who worked primarily in Mexico and Japan, but did get a short run in TNA in 2009-10. I think that it is Traci Brooks that is catching a face full of boot.
Since there is some debate on the sources on Bernie's birthdate, I only get cards where it either lists it as 2-14, or it isn't listed at all. This one is numbered 6/10 as well. Bonus!
While it might not be the best in terms of value, I don't think Ill find better penmanship.
And to wrap it up, my first hit of Petr Mrazek, who has debuted in this year's NHL releases. That's also a pretty good pair that he shares the card with as well.

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