Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Sports Fan Expo goodies Part 5

And after some repack fun, back to the Expo, and 9 new cards for the 2/14 binder.

400+ cards in the album, and I've finally added my first mini! And it is nice and shiny as well. I was certain that my first mini would probably be something from Ginter, but this one showed up in a binder that I just happened to take a look through. 50 cents later, it's all mine!
Sure, the original NFL rookie card of Kelly isn't that costly. But I still couldn't pass on the only card of his that I saw that day.
A dollar to add another hit of Steve McNair to the binder? Yes, please! Although I really do want to add a purple Ravens swatch to my collection, I won't leave an inexpensive hit for my PC on the table.
Can you believe that Marian Gaborik's lead in terms of overall cards slipped to only 2 over Milan Hejduk. These 4 should give him some breathing room.
I've taken up a 1 for me, 1 for you when I hunt down Wolverines alumni for Dennis @ Too Many Manninghams. The latest Eric Nystrom find goes to me. A nice bright relic with a hint of two colours on it.
And the final new card for the binder is another hit. A framed relic that is quite tiny. The card portion of it is smaller than any of my framed Ginter relics. The back of the card, with its whole 'Congrats' spiel, might be some of the smallest text I've even encountered on a card. It's comparable to stuff on a late career card of a veteran where they're trying to fit all the career stats on.
Holy eye-strain, Batman!

Total current cards in binder - 433

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