Saturday, 14 September 2013

Trade w/ Scott Crawford - Part 1 of 6 (or more)

So, I sent a box loaded with Islanders (including a trio of Kyle Okposo relics) and set builders to Scott Crawford. In return, I got a box loaded with Bills, Mets, Blue Jays and Expos. So much that I couldn't think to cover it all in one post. So, I'll cover it in 6 posts. One for each baseball team, and 3 Bills posts split into 80s & earlier, the 90s, and the 2000s on. Or basically, only one era that anybody wants to remember. At least for positive reasons.

And remember, 2000s on in terms of cards include a grand total of zero playoff appearances. Their last playoff game was when Bill Clinton was in office, meaning three Presidential terms have passed since then.


Let's cheer myself up with the cards, and the earlier ones. Some feature players before my time, but still familiar names to me.

I was thinking of leading off with the oldest card, but I'll instead lead off with my favourite from this bunch. An Andre Reed rookie card from 1986. He's one of the important figures of the early 90s teams, and should get enshrined in Canton at some point. I'd prefer a slightly more interesting photo, but it is an 80s card, I should expect nothing less.
But it wasn't an entire photographic wasteland. This Conlan is spectacular.
For some reason, I like this one of Ben Williams as well. If for nothing else to show what attendance was like in Buffalo in the early/mid 80s.
I might as well get to the oldest card now. Here it is - from 1966. It's way before my time, but I'll love any card with the wood grain border.
Second oldest was this one. It's a Patriots jersey, but that bad ass looking Buffalo gives no doubt what team he was on when this card came out. He only spent one year in Buffalo, wrapping up a three year career.
Best name in this group? I can't vote against Roosevelt Leaks. Unfortunately, this was a 1984 card, and his career ended with the 1983 season.
Surprisingly, this is my first Joe Ferguson card. He's on the Buffalo Wall of Fame, and his stuff is pretty affordable.
I've said it many times before - I miss seeing card of kickers.
Don't you just hate when your bad hair day is immortalized on a card?
And finally, there were a bunch of Topps Traded cards from the 1989 set in here, featuring names that would become very familiar as the 90s rolled on in Buffalo. The only one missing from the set was the James Lofton.

A great start to a great trade. 5 posts to go!

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