Monday, 9 September 2013

Getting ready for kick-off - Part 3

And now, the last of my Topps football busting. Combining these three packs, and a handful of rack packs, I'm more than halfway through the set (about 180 out), with only about 30 dupes in all. For now, I'll say that the collation fairy has been good to me.

Off to the final pack, which was a 72 card hanger pack. Unlike the first one, which guaranteed a relic, this one did not, but I still was happy with the contents.

Sure, they're not very low numbered, but I always love pulling parallels of guys on my favourite teams. Sure, his time in Buffalo hasn't set the world on fire, but that's gotta change. Right? Hopefully.?
This is my third of the four potential rookie cards for the Bills in the set that I've gotten. Kiko had a pretty good debut yesterday,  recovering a fumble on a 4th and goal play, and getting a little bit of extra yardage on the play to keep the Bills out of the shadow of the goalposts.
And here's a final trio of Bills to wrap up this packs' Western New York content. With the snow flying, the TJ Graham is easily my favourite.
Without busting a lot of packs, this is my second pink (sorry, BCA) parallel. I also pulled a camo (sorry, Military) parallel of Sidney Rice from a rack pack. I'm beating the odds with something.

And now, my non-Bills favourites from the base.
I'm amused by the fact that Tebow is #316 in the set. Coincidence, I'm sure.
Throwback uniforms are always welcome. This same pack also contained one of Jonathan Dwyer, but this one gets the nod for the better photo.
It's a nice card, but the size of the trophy makes it pale in comparison to Stanley Cup pictures on cards.
It isn't even close.
I'll always prefer Henry 'Gizmo' Williams' post-touchdown flip. But since that has never been commemorated on cardboard, this will have to do.
Another defensive-player-with-the-ball card. It's a nice follow-up to the auto of Thomas I pulled earlier.
And finally, my favourite photo in the pack. The card is cropped just perfectly to see the desperation tiptoe along the sidelines to stay in bounds, with the equally desperate stretch for the score.

That's it for this. When I work myself down to two digits worth of cards needed, I'll probably post a wantlist and insert trade bait.

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