Friday, 20 September 2013

Back to the Flea Market

Firstly, I point you to the side for a link to the group break that will be going on, probably starting next week when they arrive. $15.00 stateside or $12.50 in Canada gets you a team and a random in a break of 2013 Chrome, 2013 Pro Debut and a guaranteed hit repack box.

I returned to the flea market yesterday for the first time since a fire destroyed the indoor farmer's market portion of it a few weeks ago. It is really different to be heading up that road and not see that building there.

Anyhow, I really didn't get that much. I only walked away with 3 cards from a 3 for $5.00 bin. Since I still had the urge, I stopped in at the Walmart down the road to buy a hanger box of 2013 Topps football.

But, I'll start with the flea market cards.

This is one for my personal collection. Milt is from my hometown, and was part of the famous Kraut line, all of whom were local guys. It's nice to grab a new card of his for my collection of Kraut guys.
I'd rather have had a purple swatch on this, but I can't really turn down a hit of the Junkyard Dog.
And one that I'm not keeping, but will be sending this to a Wolverines fan. I'll always be amused that he played in Columbus, and wore Michigan colours on his pads and occasionally his mask.

I won't list everything from the box. Just the highlights. I picked up the Stevie Johnson and Scott Chandler to wrap up the Bills team set from Topps (Robert Woods is on the way), but I'm still going to work on the finishing the base. I've got my wantlist on the set wantlist over to the right, but I'll probably wait until after the group break to get a trade list up.
A nice pick up among the insert was the mini.

My guaranteed relic?

A Bill? AWESOME! As a bonus, it is one that has actually been pretty impressive two games into his NFL career. That definitely made the trip worthwhile.

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