Tuesday 28 May 2013

Yet another trade w/ Too Many Manninghams

In the post-Expo send out, TMM received one of my care packages, and today, the return goodies came.

Firstly, one card makes a disappearance off of my Most Wanted list, and into my birthday binder. Bernie  looks less like a Hall of Famer turned coach and more like every police captain in any movie that's PO'd at some maverick cop who won't play by the rules. "I don't wanna hear it, McBain!"
And not content with knocking one off my Top 10 list, another one drops off the list and into my 2/14 binder. He joins Carl Bernstein and Frederick Douglass as the 3 non-athlete cards in the binder. He's also the third person that is part of a Hall of Fame that is in the binder. Jim Kelly is the third. Although I'm sure if I were to do some googling, I'd find members of the South New Jersey Sports Hall of Fame in the binder.

Staying with 2/14 theme, here's some more cards for the hit. Not one, but two Viktor Kozlov cards, for one of three folks with cards that perfectly match with my birthdate.

And to continue the theme of good things coming in two, the package wrapped up with a pair of hits for my personal collections.

My first bat relic for Delgado, and a nice card that has him for my two favourite teams. Looking at the other versions of the card in this subset, I'm guessing the relics are both from his Blue Jays years. It's like a card that was created just for my personal interests and fandom. Just like the Hejduk/Gaborik double relic for my 2/14 binder.

And finally, a pair of Alfies. The first is /150. The second is /100. Can't have enough Alfie hits!


  1. Wow, that package already got to you? HOW aBOUT that!

  2. Take away the really crappy uniform on that Alfredsson and the CErtified is a beaut.