Saturday 18 May 2013

More from the Dimwit Break - The Best of the Rest

Time to dig through some of the other non-hit cards that arrived. The number looked to be in the 80s, so the chances are all getting scanned are nil.

Another one of the all time great names in the game. I'm sure some of you are thinking "What's so special about a name like Jimmy?", but you are wasting your time by objecting. It's a binder-worthy moniker.
I'm somewhat amused by Vinny Chulk being worthy of Diamond King status in a small set.
I actually needed this card of Chip Cannon for my Blue Jays Frankenset. 3 more cards to go! By the way, only two guys named Cannon ever got MLB level cards, and both were for the Blue Jays. Chip had a pile in 2005, and Joe Cannon landed one in the 1980 Topps and OPC releases. I share that with you because you don't have enough worthless baseball trivia floating through your brain.
While the Verlander or Santana no-hitter inserts didn't come my way through the randomizing, this one did and I'm glad it did. A nice new Gary Carter Expos card for my PC.
I think this was the only Blue Jays insert card in the whole set. And it is a photoshopped job as well. Yippee!
After getting the mini framed relic of Phil at the Expo, it's nice to add the base card of his to my collection.

And another pair of cards that perfectly utilize the frame design.
And to wrap up the rest of the goodies, my favourite picture of the bunch that came my way. The ball seems to be coming right at the camera. Simple, yet beautiful.

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