Thursday 2 May 2013

Trade w/ ARPSmith

The insomnia special!

Picking up the 08 Ginter set a few eeks back inspired me to head through various "you share a birthday with..." lists to see if anybody from outside the major sports would fall into this category and has a card out. Carl Bernstein was another new member of the list that came out of that hunt. If the name isn't familiar, try adding "Woodward and" in front of it.

The hunt did lead to some strangeness, as I kept coming across conflicting birthdays for pro wrestler Tommy Dreamer (13th vs. 14th) and Hall of Famer Bernie 'Boom-Boom' Geoffrion (14th vs. 16th). It doesn't matter though. They're both heading for the binders when I come across cards of them.

And here are 3 more new members of the binder. This might be one of only a couple times when someone actually wants a card from the 1988 Donruss set in a trade. And what's with the Alex? Alejandro sounds so much better.
This completed my chase for the 1987 Mets team set. I suppose I could have just ordered on off of ebay, but what was the fun in that?
This is the power of seeing a picture with a card when looking through zistle. A neat spring training shot made this one an easy addition to my wantlist.
Yet another Vladdy card that I was surprised I didn't have.

And to wrap up this trade post, here's a new Diamond King for me.


  1. I've had that same experience on Zistle a few times, best was an Olaf Kolzig card where he's eating a hot dog with Olaf spelled out in mustard on it. Classic.

  2. That Kittle - my God. I must find one.