Sunday 26 May 2013

Ye Olde Football Repack

I mentioned trying my hand with a Fairfield football repack last week. I guess now is as good a day as any to show off the goodies from that hanger. Nothing impressive in terms of hit, but as with many of them, they are a ton of fun to thumb through.
I didn't see any Bills cards poking out of the windows as the visible cards. So, I just went for the one with the most interesting photograph available. Terrell Owens might be a wee bit of a d-bag, but that is a great picture. So many of the football cards have generic running, passing, catching and tackling photos, so it is great to see one with so much goofy personality. And it is a fairly famous photo of Owens - a nice one to see preserved as a cardboard base card.
Who cares if it is junk wax era? Three cards from the WLAF! At least it lasted longer than the XFL! Plus, the Chris Mohr something else that I enjoyed about the pack. From a group of about 80 cards, 6 were either of punters or kickers. That's something you really don't see from modern sets. If I, as a Bills fan, wanted to add a card of Rian Lindell to my collection, my only option is a Topps Total issue where he's 1/3 of those featured on the card. At least Brian Moorman did get a solo card in 2006. Even a 'name' kicker like Sebastian Janikowski only has a handful from outside of his rookie year.
See! Lots of kickers! The Ho and Wagner cards came from the two packs that were inserted in the repack.
The only true Buffalo Bill card in the pack was this oddball of Jim Kelly. It has something on the back about grading cards, and, despite being a 1992 issue, has stats on the back from 1988. Oh well, it is another card for the 2-14 binder.
The closest thing to a hit out of the pack was this Joey Galloway. Numbered to /8799! But if anyone is doing an ever doing an even larger serial #d insanity and need #3784, give me a shout!
This was the oldest card in the package Not exactly vintage, but I definitely could have done worse.
And my favourite photograph among the non-visible cards is a Pro Set? I guess I'm strange like that.

A lot of fun to work my way through, although I don't like the fact that there were only 80ish card in the repack as opposed to the 100 cards that show up in the hockey or baseball ones.

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