Tuesday 21 May 2013

Gee. That pack looks a little thicker than its mates.

I was in a repack mood, so off to Target this morning it was. I'd never picked up a solely football repack before, so it was one of those that ended up in the red basket. I'll get to it later in the week. I looked around to see if anything else interested me. There were a couple boxes of 2012-13 UD Artifacts nearby. I'm not really interested in building that set, despite its small size. There were two packs on top, and on closer inspection, one appeared to definitely bigger than its neighbour. A quick pick of the two packs confirmed it. Probably a blocker card, but I still felt like taking the risk.

That's enough for now. A pack and a repack. $9.00 on the ol' credit card and it was time to see if my first foray into pack searching (scanning? observing?) was worth my while.


Not numbered, bit a nice entry into the binders for Leafs hating me after the events of about a week ago. It's always nice when the swatches are different colours as well.
Since I really don't want to scan just a single card, here's the rest of the contents of the pack. The best part about a short base checklist means some really good players among the base. A pair of HOFers among them in this pack.  I'm generally not a fan of hot having backgrounds at least partially visible in the cards, but it isn't too bad here, especially with the darker jerseys. It does look really bad on the Carter, though.

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